We would like to share

We would like to share our experience with Ann who was superb in every way and we highly recommend Ann. We are extremely pleased with our experience.

Thanks ,
Lisa & Shaun

Ann E Parks


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the effort you put into helping her search for a suitable home. I know it ain’t over till it’s over, but I’ve got a good feeling about meeting the conditions and we are very happy with the outcome.

You are very good at what you do.

L and A from BC

Thank you for all your help and patience.
You are the best real estate agent I have ever worked with and we have owned 15 properties in 30 years…that’s a lot of agents!
L and A from BC


On behalf of the L. family, we would like to thank you Ann for giving us good direction during this process and for listening to us when we spoke.

Brad & Jaclyn M

My wife Jaclyn and I purchased our dream property in Feltzen South, Nova Scotia in June 2013 with Ann Parks as our Realtor.

We first met Ann in 2010, and we let Ann know our intentions to purchase vacant land in Feltzen South. Feltzen South is a very small ocean side community, and land is next to impossible to find. No vacant land was available for sale on the market, but that didn’t stop Ann from helping us. Using her knowledge and expertise as a Realtor, Ann managed to locate and connect with an owner of a vacant piece of property on the Feltzen South road. The land owner lived abroad, and after many months of complex negotiations with the land owner and a tentative agreement, the land owner decided at the last-minute to back out of the agreement.

We thought our dream was over, but Ann knew better. After much more hard work on Ann’s part, she located (luckily) another vacant piece of property in Feltzen South and connected with the land owner. This time, the deal was a success and we are now very proud owners of a beautiful parcel of ocean front property in sunny Feltzen South, Nova Scotia!

Ann was honest, hard-working, transparent, and diligent throughout the entire three-year process. We truly believe that had it not been for meeting Ann in 2010, our dream of owning ocean front property in Feltzen South would not have come true. Ann will always be our first and only call for real estate services and advice in Nova Scotia, and we highly recommend Ann to anyone who is interested in buying or selling.

Thanks for making our dreams come true, Ann.

Brad & Jaclyn M
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Peter C

Ann – I teach coordination practices to companies all over the world and am actually considered to be an authority by some (ok, maybe just by me!) Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I think you are a poster woman for excellent coordination practices. Clear, direct, rapid, complete, and highly responsive. This, as I am sure you appreciate, is a rare and valuable way of being, and I appreciate it a great deal!
Peter C
Calgary Alberta

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